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The library is a book lovers’ paradise with novels, magazines, encyclopedia and subject specified books. It ensures that each student has equitable access to resources. It also bestows students with the material to succeed in a constantly changing technological, social and economic environment.It provides teachers with access to relevant curriculum information and professional development material to plan lesson plans. Library is a compulsory period from Nursery to Grade 8


Sports play a pivotal role in shaping one’s personality and maintaining good health. The school provides a superb opportunity to participate in a wide variety of both individual and team sports. Every student is encouraged to take active part in at least one outdoor or indoor sports. We provide special coaching for Skates, Chess, Basketball, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Aerobics & Yoga. We also plan inter-school tournaments to develop competitive spirit among students. This provides a useful channel for the growth and development of the body.


The school has created a Benchmark in the purposeful use of technology in school in the form of smart class. Smart class as an interactive tool creates more interest and motivation among students, displays attractive graphics, improves lectures with audio-visual tools, provides better instructional materials, and can also cater to all learning styles. Smart class is a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers in meeting with their day to day classroom challenges and enhancing students’ academic performance. It provides teachers with instant access to multimedia content and instruction materials mapped exactly to the specific curriculum guidelines in class. It also enables teachers to instantly access and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class with motivated use of technology.


Science labs offer hands on experience as well as teach students how to make a scientific argument. Classroom teaching is combined with lab experiments so that the students are able to grasp each & every concept thoroughly. The labs play an important role in fostering the spirit of discovery and creativity in students. Physics lab has all the updated apparatus to perform experiments. Chemistry lab is also fully equipped with the sufficient chemicals and ensures that every student gets chance to perform the experiments. Biology Lab - A well equipped lab with microscopes, skeleton and specimens of plants and animals gives a chance to students to study with the assistance of demonstrations.


Technology has found its way into the classrooms. Along with improving the way students are taught, it is also vitally important that students learn to use computers to improve their own work and prepare for careers in a world where computers have become as common as pencil and paper. In view of this the school has well equipped computer lab which has advanced hardware and software to meet the requirements of students and the latest CBSE curriculum. The labs are well equipped with the latest state of art facilities to enable students to explore the world beyond texts and to foster technological skills. The lab is to provide assistance for practice and preparation of their projects. Further, the lab is equipped with uninterrupted power backup.